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Tips for a Healthy Vegetarian Nutrition

The fear is very widespread that healthy nutrition is impossible without eating some meat. Yet one thing can be said right away: meat contains practically no vital substances, as putrefaction starts immediately after the death of the animal). Most of the few remaining enzymes and vitamins are destroyed in the process of cooking. Therefore it is absurd to pretend that meat supplies vital substances, which would not be available from other means of subsistence. Deficiency diseases in vegetarian nutrition occur only in cases of very one-sided practices.[1] In such cases of one-sidedness, a nutrition with meat would lead to even more pronouced deficiencies.

Important tenets for a healthy nutrition (also valid for meat-eaters):


  1. For this point, see the SVV flyer Nr. 2: General Health. (return)
  2. For this point, see the SVV flyer Nr. 18, by Dr. med. M. O. Bruker: Covering the protein needs. (return)
  3. In it's consistency, seitan is practically like tender meat. It is produced from biologically grown wheat; the content of protein and the price correspont to that of meat. In Switzerland it can be found in many health food stores or through the Berner Tofurei in 3714 Frutigen. (return)
  4. In this case, all animal products are left way - also milk, milk products and eggs. (return)